On Top Of The World

17880012856_bde8b9e1f5_kThis always looked like a science fiction book cover, although it’s the wrong aspect ratio.

Her name is Amanda, for some reason, but her friends call her Nosh because of her love of snacks. She’s an enemy of the state, but a friend to truth. I imagine her wandering about the universe collecting, or recovering, or stealing ancient artifacts in order to document the time line of the universe.

On the way, of course, there’s the antagonists who want the universal timeline recorded their way otherwise they loose claim to some territory causing their empire to fall. They’ll do anything to stop her, but what they don’t know is someone on the inside has fallen in love with her, or maybe her quest.

Turns our it’s the president, or king, or high ruler, whatever, who knows the truth and seeks to expose it rather than let his corrupt, narcissist of a son , or daughter ever become leader.

Of course, the son/daughter has something stopping them from just killing the high ruler and taking over. And the high ruler has some reason he can’t just off the son/daughter stopping their plan. Details.

The oncoming rule of personal greed can only be stopped if Amanda proves the family claim is illegitimate. Can she prove it before the corrupt son/daughter/whatever kills the king/high ruler/whatever and claims the rule?

Model – LienSkullova


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