With Love from Jergins Krumpets

Jergins Krumpets love you. They really, really love you. You are their favorite person in the whole wide world. Really. They are your best friend. Yes, you’re their BFF! BFFs support each other, don’t they? BFFs are always there for each other. So why haven’t you bought their debut album? They love you. Buy their album. They wrote every song for you. Just listen:

1. You’re my BFF
2. That’s not a krumpet in my pocket
3. You touch my heart and I’ll touch yours
4. You’re smoking can I borrow a lighter
5. When you’re good I’m bored
6. When I’m good you’re happy
7. Leather, Lace, Hot Dogs, Milkshakes
9. Blow me (a wish)
10. You’re my happy ending

Bonus track: I have a heart on for you

The New York Caricature said “Well. See. Really? Seriously?”


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