Devilution by The Kick Start Cherries


If you want the best then listen to something else, but if you’re ready for intermediate compromising mainstream mediocrity then dial down the volume and turn up some neutral detached attention to The Kick Start Cherries! They spent more time on the cover than the actual music. Buy it any way because it will make you popular, rich, attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex if you want), cool, hip, happening, even richer, healthy, grow six inches, get three wishes granted, you’ll live forever and best of all, they will be your best friend! We promise!

Track Listing:
1. Devilution
2. Kick start your cherry
3. More Devilution
4. Your cherry is as hot as McDonalds coffee
5. Cherry Pie (but not the famous one)
6. We couldn’t think of a title for this one but here it is
7. Are you really listening
8. Devilution remix
9. Devilution extended
10. Devilution extended remix
11. Devilution pushed remix

Bonus track: Devilution extended pushed remix

The New York Caricature refused to comment.

Statements presented are not the views of this blog. We are not liable for any promise implied or implicit or said outright. Satisfaction not guaranteed. No refunds either.


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